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Check Engine Light

  • The Problem

    The little yellow engine light is on your dash.  When you purchased the car, the guy you bought it from said that it was not anything major, and you should not worry about, you took the car to one of the major parts store and had them scan your computer to tell you what parts you may need to fix your problem.  They don’t clear the code or give you a clear indication as to what you need to do to correct the problem.

    Our Solution

    Computer diagnosis, have the ability to scan an research the possible cure for the problems your car is exhibiting currently requires tools and information.  In the past, a master mechanic would have the experience to diagnose and resolve most mechanical problems without having to do research to solve a problem.  Most of today cars have a computer which is controlling every aspect of functioning of itself.  That little white light is the primary means the car can use to communicate with you.  It is not an “idiot light”, when it comes on it means something is wrong.  In the newer vehicle, when the light comes on, other lights will come one.  In order to resolve your problem, a shop will need the diagnostic tools, diagnostic information and the experience .

  • Our Results

    • 30

      30% Tools
      These are relatively easy to get now

    • 70

      70% Information
      The ability to research and interpret the codes. Throwing parts to possibly cure you problem can get very expensive, and not solve you problem. Having the resources such as Mitchell1, and others like them can save you money. You have to realize that information cost money to acquire.

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