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Auto Sales and Leasing
We deal in recent models of Honda and Toyota Vehicle.
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Collision Repair
Vehicles today have become more complicated in the repair process. The manufactures of these vehicle have started to provide direction in the repair of said vehicles. To find out more, go to:
https://www.oemonestop.com/ to findout more. Vehicle produced over the last few years requires a pre and post scan of all the sub-system of the vehicle to ensure that they are calibrated and working correctly.
  • Preparation of an "estimate" is usually based on a visual inspection of the physical damage which can be seen. Preparing a guaranteed estimate will require a shop to perform a proper damage analysis, by performing a tear down to identify damaged parts and systems before repairs can be performed. This repair process is based on recommended procedures from the manufacturer https://www.oemonestop.com/ and I-CAR. Your insurance company is not required to follow the guidelines outlined by the manufacturer, because they are not the one who is repairing your vehicle. Body shops have learned expensive lessons from not doing what proper procedures in the repair. Any once can give you an idea what it my cost to repair your vehicle to a pre-accident condition, but to get the actual cost of the repair you need a guaranteed estimate. The price does not change after the repairs have been started.

    Blue Printed Repair Process
Bumper Repair
  • The damage to this bumper was damage along with the tow hitch in a rear accident. The damage does not look like much, but in the end the final bill was over 3,000 dollars. The rear tow hitch had to be replace along with the rear bumper section. Have a professional look at the damage, because it an cost more than you think.

    Replacing a bumper
Fender Repair
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Mechanical Repair
  • When we perform and inspection we can perform a guaranteed estimate for repairs. The quality of the parts use in the repairs to your vehicle can vary greatly from supplier to supplier. All brakes, tires and suspension parts are not created equal, and you pay for what you get. We prefer to use the best quality parts in our repairs, because we prefer to do the job only once.

    Brakes Tires and Suspension
  • In order to properly diagnose the problem with any vehicle we need to look at the vehicle. We can give you a price to correct a symptom, but fixing what the customer thinks is wrong will not necessarily correct the problem with the vehicle performance.

    Engine and Transmission service and performance
Glass Repair
  • When your insurance ask you to have mobile glass service this is what you might eventually get with that replacement. The installer uses a long knife to cut the damage glass out and in the process they score the paint which is protecting the frame of the windshield. Not restoring the paint protection of the frame of the windshield can and will result in the following. If the replacement is done when the weather is below 20 degrees there is not guarantee that the windshield will set correctly. The windshield is a structural part of the vehicle, and having it installed correctly will only protect the people in the vehicle

    Replacing a Wind Shield
Life Safer
We are a are located in Saint Paul, minutes from down town. Close to the Rice and University lite rail stop. An ignition interlock maybe required by the courts and/or DVS, what a lot of people don't know it's available as an elective install. It just keeps you from driving if you should not be driving.
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