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Same Day Service for Auto Body and Mechanical Repair.

Same Day Service for Auto Body and Mechanical Repair

Same day service for auto body or mechanical repair is not difficult or impossible.  All it requires is a little bit of planning and scheduling to get the repairs done timely.  We can help in this process.  If you have bumper damage, where the bumper needs to be replaced, we can order a new bumper, prepare it and paint it off the vehicle.  Once the bumper is ready, you can bring your vehicle in and wait a couple of hours while we install your new bumper.  The advantage is you are not out of the use of your vehicle, you don’t have to get a rental.  The installation can be at your convenience.

The same can be said for mechanical repairs.  Special order parts can take days or even weeks to acquire, as a result it can cause a delay in getting your vehicle back on the road.  Pre-ordering the parts before the job comes into the shop allows us to the repair in a timely manner.






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