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Industry insight to the auto body and mechanical repair business.

My goal is to provide you with insight on Industry for the auto body and mechanical repair business.

Collision Repair
Collision Repair in 2015

What can you learn from me?  Life is an eternal lesson, and the moment you cease to learn something new, you are no longer relevant.  My belief is that you can learn something from everyone you meet in life.  If I  share my  knowledge, and can make someone’s life a little better than before they have met me I have done my part.  I might ramble a bit and jump around some.

Human nature forces us to strive to do what is best for ourselves.  We hope to achieve that goal without doing any harm.  The ideal outcome is to have everyone involved become better off because of the experience.

In every industry, the knowledge and skill required to perform a job can be very demanding.  As a small business owner, you have to know a lot in order to stay in business.  Otherwise, you are paying other to perform tasks which needs to be completed.  In our industry, customers believe that somehow, our business is a charity.  Charity might be a harsh word, but the customers want to have their vehicle repaired for less based on who they go to.  They want help with their deductible, or flat out claim that there is no insurance for the repair, with the expectation that somehow, we as shop owners will waive our magic wand and make everything better.

I have had individuals come to my place of business, and flatly state that they are driving their vehicle without insurance, and furthermore, that they don’t want to pay much to fix the vehicle because it is not worth a lot.  What these people fail to understand, my overhead  remains the same no matter what I work on.  We hold ourselves to a higher standards because of vehicle safety.  I feel, if I don’t provide complete information to the customer, I am not doing my job.

I try to keep an open mind on many topic, and am open to being educated.  If you don’t agree with my point of view, show me how I am wrong.  In the end, we might agree to disagree!

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