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Welcome to North Point Collision and Auto Center

  • We are a full service collision center which utilizes OEM guidelines in the repair process.
  • Our primary focus is our customer
  • If you have a lifesafer interlock and needs repairs to your car, we can help.

We are your 1 Stop Auto Care,  meaning from start to finish we can get everything done in one location.

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What We Do

Collision Repair

The extent of your damages is not just based on what can be seen during a visual inspection. Collision workmanship warranty is warrantied to the owner of the vehicles as long as they own the vehicle.  Rust repairs offer no warranty, unless complete panels are being repaired.  We do not accept customer supplied parts or jobs where the customer or someone else has performed a partial repair.

Mechanical repair

  • It is pointless to have a pretty car, if it is not a safe car.  Proper mechanical repairs are just as important as a pretty paint job.  A car can be capable of travelling 200 mile and hour, but if it can't stop just as quickly.  What is the point of going fast?
  • We offer a 2 year 24000 miles warranty on Mechanical repair.
  • We are part of the Advance Auto Parts Technet Program.
  • We don't accept customer supplied parts.
  • If you want a general idea as to what the cost of repair is going to be, please go to RepairPal to generate a quote.

Interlock Install and Service

Knowing how to deal with a Life safer interlock while your vehicle is for repairs should be very import to you.


Collision Repair


Mechanical Repair


Interlock Installation and Service


Restoration Work


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